1. I can not find the app I want to install with your icons.

 You can tap ‘Search in AppStore’ and enter the ‘app name’, we can search all products available in the App Store.

 If you want to change the Apple System icons, like Safari, Setting… you can tap ‘Search in App’ to choose.

2. How to get free themes? I don’t want to pay.

 First, you cna use the ‘Free’ themes in the app, we provide some free themes for you.

 Or, you can participate in our campaigns. Click “Join US” in the settings and send us the theme you made to get a gift card or lifetime VIP.

 If you don’t know how to design a theme, you can send us your favorite wallpaper, widget picture, once adopted, you will have a chance to get VIP membership.

 Email: [email protected]

3. How to delete the installed icons with one click?

You can click ‘Settings, click ‘Profile Downloaded’, then delete the installed profile file, all the icons inside this profile file will be deleted.

4. Why I can not install the profile downloaded from the browser?

 Please check whether your browser is Safari, if not, you need to switch the Safari to download the profile.

How to change the default web browser?

  1. Go to “Settings” and scroll the screen until you find the Safari.
  2. Tap this App, then tap “Default Browser App”.
  3. Choose a web browser to set it as the default browser. A checkmark should be displayed next to this browser to confirm that it is the default browser.

5. I have subscribed to the IconChic, but the paid theme is not unlocked and ask me to pay again.

 Firstly, please check if you are logged in with a paid apple id, you need to download app with the paid apple id.

 Then, if your apple id has paid, you can click ‘setting’ in the app, and click ‘Restore Purchase’ to get your VIP back.

6. There is no icon of the app I want in the theme?

You can tap ‘Widget’, and tap ‘Custom icons’, then set your icons from the gallery.

7. How to install the icons and widgets? I do not know.

You can tap ‘?’ on the homepage, and choose to read the instruction or watch the teaching video in app directly.